Healthcare technology solutions – What you n...

Healthcare technology solutions – What you need to know According to Deloitte’s report on healthcare innovations, Healthcare is an industry that is in need of innovation in various aspects. Various governments along with healthcare companies are working towards reducing costs.

Why is a digital healthcare system necessary?

Why a digital healthcare solution is a must-have? Technology and innovation have been on the rise in many fields including healthcare. If you are a medical service provider or manage a healthcare center, here is some food for thought.  A

How does an HMS improve customer satisfaction

Example of an integrated HMS improving process flow in a patient journey An integrated HMS in simple words means – A system that ties together all the different departments within a hospital or medical facility. It allows the management and

How to modernize your Radiology Practice

How to Modernize Your Radiology Practice with Software Tools – Crucial Tips and Considerations Running a successful radiology practice isn’t easy, especially if you’re using outdated systems. You may experience a decline in your patient population or an unproductive workforce.

Types of software used in Hospitals/Clinics

Types of Softwares used in Hospitals/ Clinics With the tremendous growth in the Healthcare IT industry, especially post Covid, The Global Healthcare IT industry is expected to hit $821 billion by 2026. Some of the software contributing to this growth

EMR vs EHR – What you should know

EMR and EHR The terms EMR and EHR are often used interchangeably in the medical context. EMR – Electronic Medical Records and EHR – Electronic Health Records are two different software used in different capacities. Although this software is used

10 Advantages of using a Laboratory Management Sof...

: What is a Laboratory Information Management system? Over the past couple of decades, The LIMS- Laboratory Information Management System has been evolving constantly. Starting with manual labelling and indexing lab samples and reports to the tech-based software used today

What to look for in a pharmacy software

What to look for in a pharmacy software Pharmacies are separate units by themselves in a medical center with a large number of functions and need effective management.  If you are associated with a hospital or medical center, pilferages in

Top 10 features to look for in an HMS

Top 10 features to look for in an HMS The Hospital Management Software’s primary goal is to make the processes within a hospital simpler. It aims at saving time and resources for the end-user i.e, hospital admin staff. With the

How are radiology systems used by medical centers?

How are radiology systems used by different medical centers A RIS- Radiology Information system is the need of the hour for the radiology space. BeWell Digital’s well-designed PACS system allows radiologists to diagnose patients from anywhere, anytime using any device.

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