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BeWell Digital Teleradiology System

  • Deliver 24/7 services for your end customers
  • Deliver reports with a low turnaround time.
  • Deliver quality reports aided by advanced AI support
  • Improve customer satisfaction and reduce administrative work
  • Allow radiologists to view images anytime and anywhere from multiple centers
  • Deliver accurate reports with the best in class viewer
  • Provide advanced reporting tools to improve turnaround time
  • Provide advanced administrative tools

Benefits of BeWell PACS system

View radiology images anytime and anywhere - Screen, analyze, diagnose and share your patient studies from anywhere.

  • Available anytime, anywhere – Doctors and radiologists can view images digitally using a web-based DICOM viewer.
  • Lossless images – Get the exact quality image you need to make an accurate diagnosis.
  • Easy Sharing & Distribution – Let the users of Radiologists, Surgeons, Doctors & Patients share the studies with each other without using film printing.

Deliver accurate reports with the best in class viewer - A web-based PACS with advanced image manipulation capabilities can allow for greater efficiency and collaboration.. ​

  • Advanced Image Manipulation tools – The interface is intuitive and easy to use and includes image-viewing features like zooming, rotating, annotation and panning.
  • Multi-planar reconstruction (MPR) – Compare two sets of images using any combination of 2D, sagittal, and coronal views.
  • Best in class PACS Viewer – Obtain frequent upgrades & enhancements of the viewer at no cost.

Provide advanced reporting tools to improve turnaround time - Manage patient records effortlessly using radiology information systems integrated with PACS. ​

  • Improve your turnaround time – Enhance the quality of patient care and increase productivity by using customized report templates that include annotated images.
  • Seamless connected experience – A complete and connected radiology experience that’s easy to use. Manage multiple scan centers at ease.
  • AI support – AI assistants to automagically build reports some of the reports to enable faster TAT

Provide advanced administrative tools - Software that manages the end to end patient life cycle with visit details in real-time. ​

  • Reduce workload – BeWell Digital reduces the workload of your technicians by over 30% as it takes for integration between systems.
  • Stop revenue leakages – BeWell PACS software not only provides a new avenue for growth, it also helps avoid revenue leakages in your remote centres.
  • Automated process – End to end automation from patient registration to report collection.

How We Do It ?

Single Application to Connect Multiple Modalities


CT Scan



A few notable clients

City Hospital
Sri Soundari Clinic


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