Healthcare technology solutions - What you need to know

According to Deloitte’s report on healthcare innovations, Healthcare is an industry that is in need of innovation in various aspects. Various governments along with healthcare companies are working towards reducing costs. Some of the common digital healthcare systems that are rapidly being adopted by hospitals and physicians are:

  1. Radiology Information System
  2. Hospital Management System 
  3. Pharmacy Management Software 
  4. Laboratory Information Management System 
  5. Cloud-based software for data storage
  6. Centralized ERP systems for integration, etc. 

But why do you need to migrate to a digital healthcare solution from your existing traditional practice or local system?

Here are some reasons why:
  1. Manage large volumes of patients effectively using integrated systems.
  2. Record and store data on one secure platform for easy retrieval anytime.
  3. Create personalized journeys for patients and improve customer satisfaction. 
  4. Share reports, bills, etc across multiple platforms like SMS, WhatsApp, etc.  seamlessly. 
  5. Support research studies and development using analytics.
  6. Improve transparency in the system. Allows higher-level management to monitor resources and patient-related information.
  7. Access patient files from anywhere using any device like desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones.
Some of the areas in which healthcare technology is used are:
  1. Administration: Used for the management of hospitals, clinics, etc.
  2. Tele-medicine: To bridge the geographical gaps between doctors and patients. 
  3. Surgery: Advanced scanning and AI-based surgical tools to reduce errors.
  4. Stock management: To avoid pilferage or theft. Also, to avoid losses due to expiration and improper flow of stocks.
  5. Diagnosis: Advanced radiology or imaging tools to enhance diagnosis and avoid errors. 

If you are somebody associated with a medical center or practice, it is about time that you considered adopting a modern healthcare technology solution. With the increase in healthcare challenges, it is the need of the hour to adopt innovative and smart practices. Reach out to us today at to get in touch with an expert today. 

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