How to effectively use a RIS for research

How to effectively use a RIS for research Radiology research is generally focused on surgical procedures and devices. Over the past decade, with the rapid development in technology such as medical imaging devices and med-tech software, the findings in the

Advanced Tele-Reporting features by BWD

BWD’s advanced tele-reporting features Tele Radiology: The teleradiology industry is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 16.79% and reach a valuation of USD 22.34 billion by the year 2028. This huge leap is due to the advancements in technology

How to build an effective radiology process using ...

How to build an effective radiology process using a RIS If a hospital has to function properly, all the departments in the ecosystem are required to function properly. Similarly, in a university, a restaurant, a factory, etc, all the departments

Why Cloud-Based RIS is the best solution?

Why is a Cloud-Based RIS the best solution? The Radiology Information System (RIS) is a network set of software that assists in the management of medical images and related EHR data for sharing and retrieving. This information can be stored

How Radiology Information system helps builds a pr...

Hassle-free radiology practice using BeWell Digital RIS Having a radiology software supporting your radiology practice can be beneficial in numerous ways. However, the most important benefit of having a radiology system in place is that it reduces the clutter and

Best radiology viewer – 2022

Why BeWell Digital’s Radiology Viewer is the best in class? The biggest concerns of radiologists while they look for a radiology application are the quality of the viewer and the features that support it. At BeWell digital, we work on

Healthcare technology solutions – What you n...

Healthcare technology solutions – What you need to know According to Deloitte’s report on healthcare innovations, Healthcare is an industry that is in need of innovation in various aspects. Various governments along with healthcare companies are working towards reducing costs.

Why is a digital healthcare system necessary?

Why a digital healthcare solution is a must-have? Technology and innovation have been on the rise in many fields including healthcare. If you are a medical service provider or manage a healthcare center, here is some food for thought.  A

How does an HMS improve customer satisfaction

Example of an integrated HMS improving process flow in a patient journey An integrated HMS in simple words means – A system that ties together all the different departments within a hospital or medical facility. It allows the management and

How to modernize your Radiology Practice

How to Modernize Your Radiology Practice with Software Tools – Crucial Tips and Considerations Running a successful radiology practice isn’t easy, especially if you’re using outdated systems. You may experience a decline in your patient population or an unproductive workforce.

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