How to Modernize Your Radiology Practice with Software Tools - Crucial Tips and Considerations

Running a successful radiology practice isn’t easy, especially if you’re using outdated systems. You may experience a decline in your patient population or an unproductive workforce. Paper-based systems are at a disadvantage when managing patient files and work for organizations.

A radiology information system, or RIS, is a database where you can store, manage, and track patient records and medical imageries. Modernizing your radiology practice with such a system can reduce errors and workloads, improve patient experience and save time.

Here are a few tips and considerations that will assist you in modernizing your radiology practice with a RIS system.

1. View images and upload reports in one place

Building an efficient practice begins with setting the systems right. A RIS allows you to have your images, diagnosis notes, and reports all in one place. With a customized workflow, you will be able to view, edit and save all your patient details in one place and avoid the hassle of retrieving files from different sources. Thus, avoiding confusion.

The software also helps keep track of your “referring physicians” and sets up the referral network.

2. Improve Workflow

Another consideration when using the Radiology Information System software is to customize your workflow. In a cloud-based system, the process goes as such: The patient performs the scan or X-Ray in the scanning facility. The locally processed images are uploaded into the cloud. When a doctor wants to view the patient’s images, it is directly retrieved from the cloud. This helps in reducing the turnaround time.
Another added benefit to this feature is that it helps in avoiding revenue leakage or pilferages. All patient scans and records are directly uploaded. Every scan is accounted for and billed for. Hence, avoiding any loss due to unrecorded transactions within the facility. 

3. Schedule and Track Patients

Modernize your radiology practice by scheduling and tracking patient records efficiently. The RIS software is an extensive management software that can be used in keeping a track of the patient’s progress (throughout the facility). 

This also helps in reducing the wait time for patients. A proper queuing system can be established using the patient and appointment management feature. In simpler words, a patient does not need to wait for hours in a scanning facility to complete the procedure. 

4. Generate Reports

To augment your radiology practice, you need to generate radiology reports that make sense. To do so, select a RIS software that incorporates the capability to produce meaningful reports in less time. Consequently, make sure the reports formulated have both management and financial information. Then, combine them to view strengths, weaknesses, and other trends that can be improved. Predefined and user-specified reports can be constructed automatically with the implementation of the RIS system. Thus, you can generate “on the fly” reports at specified periods, when required. 

5. Distribute and share reports with other physicians:

Another crucial tip is to manage and share patient data with other physicians. It enables you to refer patients to other physicians directly from the App and secure communication. The share feature can be embedded with WhatsApp, mobile, and other communication mediums.

6. Store files for academic and research purposes:

One of the hidden advantages of using a cloud-based RIS is that the data stored can be used for research purposes. Imagine multiple doctors performing different procedures and diagnoses across various geographical locations. All this data can be stored on the cloud for as long as is required. The data is mostly organized and can be retrieved at the click of a button. The wide range of data stored can be used for academic or research purposes to support various healthcare studies. 

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