Why BeWell Digital’s Radiology Viewer is the best in class?

The biggest concerns of radiologists while they look for a radiology application are the quality of the viewer and the features that support it. At BeWell digital, we work on providing the best-in-class viewer built by highly skilled engineers working in close collaboration with experienced radiologists across the country. 

Some of the benefits of using our viewer are:
  1. Uncompressed files: The files are all high-quality images that help you view, zoom, mark, etc without any distortion. 
  2. Loads quickly: The files/ file stack load within seconds and reduces your waiting time by a large extent. 
  3. Integrated reporting: You can now annotate, mark, and make notes while viewing which can later be translated onto the reports. 
  4. All files in one place: All your scan files are available in one place and are segregated by time, date, tags, UHID, etc. 
  5. Hassle-free: As viewing, making notes, reporting, downloading, and sharing are all available in one place, it makes the teleradiology process hassle-free and very easy to use. 

Some of the important features within our viewer that add value are:

  • 2D MPR:

The 2D Multi Planar reconstruction tool allows you to reconstruct images in various planes such as coronal, sagittal, axial, etc.

  • Stack Scroll:
    When you have a number of images that are stacked under one CT/MRI for accurate diagnoses, BeWell’s viewer allows you to view all the stacked images by scrolling on your device. This makes the diagnostic process easier and simpler for the radiologist. 
  • Levels:

Viewing a physical copy of an X-Ray under different lighting conditions can be crucial as it requires plenty of hardware adjustments. BeWell’s viewer allows you to adjust brightness and contrast levels by just scrolling up and down on your device. 

  • Zoom and Pan:

Zooming and panning without reducing the image accuracy or quality is one of the most important features that lets radiologists view the most minute details that are essential for accurate diagnoses. 

  • Annotation:

While you are reporting digitally, it becomes very tedious to make notes on a different tab or page on your device. Hence, our software comes with built-in annotation tools that allow you to annotate and make notes within the viewer that can later be copied to the reports. 

  • CINE:

Some of the scan files have tens and hundreds of image files that have to be viewed. The CINEA option allows you to play the stack in a video format to reduce your efforts and time viewing all the files manually. 

  • Measurement tools:

The viewer comes with inbuilt measurement tools like angles, length, Cobb angle, rectangular measurements, probe, etc. This helps in maintaining accuracy in reporting and diagnoses. The measurements marked are readily available while reporting. 

  • Flip or Invert:

Multi-directional flipping of images is available to the viewer. The viewer also allows you to invert the image into a negative.

  • Erase:

The viewer comes with an inbuilt eraser that allows you to erase annotations or clear all markings once done.

  • Download or import:

If you still find it uncomfortable to use the viewer, it also allows you to download or import the scan files and view them in a viewer of your choice on your local system. 

If you would like to modernize your radiology practice and avoid the hassles of sending scan images and files on WhatsApp, emails, etc. Reach out to us at support@bewelldigital.com for a free trial of our Radiology software. 

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