Why a digital healthcare solution is a must-have?

Technology and innovation have been on the rise in many fields including healthcare. If you are a medical service provider or manage a healthcare center, here is some food for thought. 

A digital solution for various healthcare needs can help you in various aspects including 
  • Detection of diseases
  • Avoiding medical errors 
  • Optimizing resources
  • Increase your profit exponentially 
  • Better patient care and much more. 
Here are some reasons as to why you should adopt a digital healthcare solution:
  • Create a personalized experience for your patients:

A digital healthcare database allows you to save patient data that can be accessed easily. The patient does not have to go through the process of providing redundant information at each touchpoint. This data can be pulled up with the click of a button. This helps in improving the patient’s experience.  

Other details from a patient’s visit such as prescriptions, history of allergies, other medical histories, etc help the physicians understand the needs of the patients better. Hence, personalizing the experience. 

Example of an integrated HMS improving process flow


  • Share information with ease:

Bewell’s digital system allows sharing of patient information with the patient digitally. It also allows sharing patient information that has been recorded with another doctor or healthcare facility. This not only improves the credibility of your medical center but also has a direct impact on your patient’s treatment plan. This system is the need of the hour to improve overall healthcare quality globally. 

Example: If a patient from a particular city moves to a different city for whatever purpose. The history of the patient’s previous treatments and medical conditions can be shared with the new consulting doctor from the old consulting doctor. This decreases the time, effort, and costs involved in re-recording these details. 

  • Serves research purposes:

Saving a patient’s data over a period or saving multiple patients’ data can help in accumulating all necessary information required for research purposes. The information collected by individual healthcare professionals is highly accurate and can play a vital role in understanding the evolution of diseases and their effects. The linkage between healthcare and clinical studies can help with medical inventions and drug discoveries. 

  • Better Management:

As hospitals and medical centers grow in terms of patient volumes, it becomes increasingly difficult to effectively manage them. This might end up in loss of data, missing out on important information, etc. To effectively manage and scale your medical center, a well-maintained record-keeping practice is essential. 

Digitisation in healthcare is undoubtedly the need of the hour. To improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your medical center, reach out to us at support@bewelldigital.com to consult with our tech experts on digitizing your medical center. 

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