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Tele Radiology:

The teleradiology industry is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 16.79% and reach a valuation of USD 22.34 billion by the year 2028. This huge leap is due to the advancements in technology and the need to cope with the rising health issues and the need for more radiology physicians across the globe. 


Tele Reporting:

Teleradiology primarily has 2 aspects to it which are image viewing and accessibility and reporting. Where telereporting plays an important role in maintaining a successful radiology system for practice. 

There are multiple features that contribute to building a wholesome and full-fledged reporting module in a Radiology Information System(RIS).

Features for Telereporting:
  1. Parallel Reporting:

The reporting page can be opened up parallely while still viewing your scan images on the screen. This makes the reporting instant and easy. It also directly contributes to time saving and accuracy. 

2. Customizable templates:

BeWell Digital allows radiologists, scan centers, or hospitals to customize their report pdf templates. Different templates can be created and saved for different modalities and can be imported while reporting. This makes the reporting process simpler and faster for the reporting radiologist. It also maintains uniformity across all patient reports. 


3. Multi-level reporting:

Reporting can be saved and shared at multiple levels. For example, A report can be saved as – Draft, review or sign off. This allows multiple doctors to collaborate on the same report and understand the status of the study.

4. Digital signature:

Digital and Electronic signatures are uploaded to the database. Where doctors can sign-off reports with the click of a button. 

5. Report locking:

Special permissions are given to different people using the software from the same medical centre. The report viewing, editing and sharing options can be customized to different roles assigned to individuals from the same medical centre. 

6. PDF printing:

The templated reports generated can be printed as pdf with customized templates for each doctor or medical centre. 

7. Report Search:

Reports can be searched based on filters such as:

  • Date and Time
  • UHID – Unique Health Identification
  • Tagging – Cases can be tagged as CT, X-ray or any custom tag for grouping.
8. Report sharing:

Reports can be shared via SMS, WhatApp, E-mail, or link directly with patients or other consulting doctors directly from the App/Software. 

BeWell Digital’s RIS system is designed keeping in mind the wholesome radiology reporting process, the road blocks and the patient experience. We aim at simplifying the reporting process for radiologists and also provide a seamless patient experience. 

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