Why is a Cloud-Based RIS the best solution?

The Radiology Information System (RIS) is a network set of software that assists in the management of medical images and related EHR data for sharing and retrieving. This information can be stored in a closed community cloud that is only available to affiliated hospitals and diagnostic centers that wish to collaborate to share cloud infrastructure and software.
In this blog, let’s discuss the various benefits and solutions provided by a good RIS system.

Benefits of using a Cloud-Based RIS:

Digital solution:

Radiology can be converted to a digital solution by using a cloud-based RIS or PACS. One in which a radiologist sitting thousands of kilometers away analyses and sends his report via the cloud platform. This would assist patients in rural areas obtain access to better radiology treatments by boosting teleradiology services.

Since the data is stored in the cloud, it is easy to access and retrieve anywhere at any time using any device with an internet connection. 

Dependencies and reporting:
The dependency on the IT administrator at a medical facility is drastically reduced as most processes are automated by the RIS system like data transcribing, sharing, etc. 

Data storage costs:
There are very minimal hardware costs for storage as all cloud-based software work on a subscription basis. 

Needs and Solutions provided by a RIS:

There are various issues that a good RIS system addresses and solves. Some of them are

1. Digital Solution:



Problems faced by Radiologists


Digitizing patient data and scan records for better patient care.

Accessing patient information is a hectic process.

Cloud-based storage for easy storage and retrieval of data.

Access patient history for treatment

Inability to understand patient history from scans.

Integrated RIS and HIS

Easy to use technology.

Advance and complex features are overwhelming and have a steep learning curve.

Intuitive and easy-to-use PACS software with 24*7 customer support.


2. Accessibility


Problems faced by Radiologists


Diagnose from anywhere at any time.

Not being in the office during emergencies

Web-based or App-based viewer that can be accessed anywhere, anytime using any device. 

Report from anywhere.

To diagnose emergency cases at odd timings.

Using RIS to report from anywhere by viewing high-quality scan images. 

Ability to view patient reports across different medical centers. 

The patient has to go through the whole scanning and reporting process if he/she chooses to consult elsewhere. 

Share reports and scan files directly with the patient or other physicians using RIS. 


3. Efficient Reporting


Problems faced by Radiologists


A smarter and faster way to generate reports.

Data transcription is resource and is time-consuming.

Use AI-based speech-to-text conversion tools for reporting.

Ability to share reports with multiple doctors or patients.

Reports need to be manually printed and shared with patients or other doctors.

Report sharing on WhatsApp, Email, SMS, etc.

Discuss radiology cases with colleagues 

Need to be physically present to brainstorm or discuss a case.

Share your screen on online meetings and discuss cases from anywhere with anybody.


4. Data storage:


Problems faced by Radiologists


Store information securely with no risk of data loss or damage.

Storing information on hardware consumes space and is prone to data loss.

Store information on a secure cloud platform. 

A modern and sustainable way to eliminate the need for CDs and films. 

Printing scan images on films or copying on CDs is expensive and unsustainable.

Directly view, diagnose, report, and share images that can be viewed on any device using the internet.

Save time and energy on repeating case history and patient information to each consulting doctor.

Scan films and CDs do not have patient or study history.

Integrate RIS with HIS to access patient history and treatment history, plan, etc.

A cloud-based solution has various benefits and a few other concerns that need to be addressed before you make the transition. If you are looking for a cloud-based Radiology Solution, reach out to us at support@bewelldigital.com to talk to an expert. 

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