Hassle-free radiology practice using BeWell Digital RIS

Having a radiology software supporting your radiology practice can be beneficial in numerous ways. However, the most important benefit of having a radiology system in place is that it reduces the clutter and chaos in the end-to-end process. 

In this blog, we are going to discuss the end-to-end journey of the patient from scan centers to radiologists to reporting doctors. 


  1. The patient approaches the scan center for a scan – CT, MRI, X-Ray, Ultra Sound, etc. 
  2. The patient’s information like name, age, occupation, contact details, emergency contact, etc is collected and stored in the system.
  3. All scans are accounted for and billed for. The analytics are available for the scan centre management at any point in time.
  4. The patient pays by cash or card at the billing station and immediately receives an automated invoice. 
  5. The system can be used to manage the worklist and queuing at the scan centre by managing appointments and time slots for patients.
  6. Patient history is collected to understand the background of the treatment. 
  7. The technician performs the scan at the scan centre for the patient. 
  8. The scan files are uploaded onto a local computer that is connected to the scanning device/ equipment. 
  9. The files are directly uploaded onto BeWell digital’s secure cloud storage. 
  10. The radiologist receives real-time notifications when each study is uploaded. 
  11. The radiologist can view uncompressed scan files from anywhere using any device like a desktop, laptop, tablet, mobile, etc. 
  12. The radiologist uses advanced features like MultiPlanar Reconstruction, measurement tools, image manipulation, etc to diagnose accurately. 
  13. The system allows a parallel view of images and reports to make real-time notes using marking, annotations, etc. 
  14. The notes are then translated into the report that can be automatically generated by typing or voice-to-text translation. 
  15. The reports and scan images are then shared with referring doctors or patients directly using SMS or WhatsApp. 
  16. The reports are used for further treatment.
  17. All the information is readily available when the patient visits for a follow-up anytime in the future. 

The radiology system not just sets the system in place for scan centres and radiologists but also improves the customer/patient experience. For any scan centre or radiologist who wants to scale, having a good radiology practice in place is crucial. If you are looking to set up a radiology system, reach out to us at support@bewelldigital.com to avail a free trial of our radiology software. 

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