How are radiology systems used by different medical centers

A RIS- Radiology Information system is the need of the hour for the radiology space. BeWell Digital’s well-designed PACS system allows radiologists to diagnose patients from anywhere, anytime using any device. A well-equipped RIS system is essential to complement other hospital software like Hospital management (HMS), Electronic Health Records (EHR), etc. to deliver better patient care. 


Some of the different functions of a RIS system are:
  • Registering patients and recording information:

The RIS system collates various aspects of patient data and helps in organizing the same. Therefore, improving efficiency and reducing the time taken in the registration process. This also saves time for the admin staff and reduces any manual errors that may appear. 

  • Managing data and resources:

The teleradiology practice has a wide range of data that is stored and transmitted across the servers. Medical imaging centers often produce a large number of image data that are organized and stored on the system. This data can be retrieved whenever and wherever for the patients. 

  • Faster diagnosis and sharing of interpretation:

Having an integrated RIS can help in sending the data directly to the radiologists within seconds. This helps in faster diagnosis and better patient care. Unlike paper-based imaging, the data stored on EHR or RIS can reach the other end faster and accurately. It also enables faster retrieval of data when needed. 

  • Billing: 

A RIS system can consist of a billing module. It mitigates any manual errors and fastens the process. Thus, saving time for admin staff. It also helps handle a large number of patients at one go. This improves the efficiency and effectiveness of the medical center, hospital, clinic, etc. 

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