The terms EMR and EHR are often used interchangeably in the medical context. EMR – Electronic Medical Records and EHR – Electronic Health Records are two different software used in different capacities.
Although this software is used in the same context, the understanding of their capacities is highly important while opting for the technology at your medical facility. 

EMR – Electronic Medical Records

In simple terms, EMRs are considered to be a digital version of the patient’s records. It is commonly used at clinics, hospitals, labs, etc. It is used to store historical data of a patient who visits a particular medical facility.
It is the growing replacement for the traditional form of paper records. It has various benefits such as:

  1. Allows physicians to access past treatment data of a patient. 
  2. Helps in running a trend analysis for better patient care. 
  3. Stores data in a digital format that is safer than paper records. 
  4. Allows access to data from anywhere at any time.

    Bewell digital’s software allows you to store your patient information digitally. We provide software ranging from clinic to hospital management systems inclusive of radiology software to cover all your EMR needs. 
EHR – Electronic Health Records

EHR focuses on the health records of the patients. The patient records listed here, are made available beyond one particular medical facility. The information stored on EHR software can be shared amongst various healthcare facilities. This allows access to patient data/ patient history by any clinician treating the patient at any point. 

Some of the benefits of using an EHR are:

  1. The information can be accessed immediately during times of emergency. 
  2. A patient can also access his/her own records if need be. 
  3. It can help in avoiding duplication of tests or repetition of certain procedures as all details are made available. 
  4. It helps in better follow-up care after one treatment. 

EMR and EHR might appear similar but are used in different scenarios. Get in touch with us today at support@bewelldigital.com to explore your EMR software needs. 

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