Hospital Management Software and its effect on wor...

How does Hospital Management Software improve the workflow in the hospital? A hospital management system is a computerised tool that aids in the effective management of healthcare facilities. It contributes to the efficient functioning of healthcare workers. It eases management,

Radiology Information System: Growth and Future

Radiology Information System: Growth and Future The Radiology Information System Industry was valued at around USD 809.8 million in 2020. The projected CAGr is 7.3% and it is expected to hit a market value of USD 1315 million in 2026.

Benefits of using a Cloud based HMS

Benefits of using a Cloud-based HMS Like many other digital transformation technologies that have been disrupting various industries, Cloud-based Hospital Management software is the need of the hour for the healthcare industry now. It’s about time hospitals moved from the

ABC Analysis – Simple method to reduce losse...

Simple method to reduce losses in Pharmacy Consider your last-minute preparation for exams. How will you prepare? Will you give the same importance to all the questions or will you give more priority to certain questions that are likely to

Functions of a Clinic Management Software

FUNCTIONS OF A CLINIC MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE The Indian market has about 80k hospitals of various sizes and volumes. The healthcare industry in India largely consists of clinics owned by public and private owners. As important as it is to maintain

What is a Radiology Information System?

What is a Radiology Information System‚Äč A RIS software – Radiology Information system is an integrated Electronic Health Record system commonly used by radiologists. It is used to manage medical imagery and all other associated data efficiently. It is often

Revenue loss in a hospital pharmacy and how to avo...

REVENUE LOSS IN A HOSPITAL PHARMACY AND HOW TO AVOID IT Pharmacy forms a critical part of a hospital. Almost 30-40% of the cash flow happens through the pharmacy and it forms an integral part of the patient service delivery.

How HMS improves productivity in hospitals

As the need for effective hospital Management increases day by day, it becomes close to impossible for hospitals or clinics to expand to a higher level of business. Performing all record keeping and other activities manually is time consuming and

Hospital Management Software (HMS): Benefits and F...

Hospital Management Software Hospital Management software might be the best place to invest in managing a growing hospital. Here is why you need to consider investing in an HMS right away and how the future in this space looks like.

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