Radiology Information System: Growth and Future

The Radiology Information System Industry was valued at around USD 809.8 million in 2020. The projected CAGr is 7.3% and it is expected to hit a market value of USD 1315 million in 2026. The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the way the healthcare industry operates. The future of healthcare is undoubtedly technology-driven. 

Specifically, a field like radiology that involves medical imagery for diagnoses requires the right usage of the right technology. 

Usage of Radiology Information System:

A RIS is used extensively in hospitals, scan centers, and by individual radiologists to improve patient care. Some of the areas in which a RIS is used are as follows:

  1. Patient Management 
  2. Storage of patient data and retrieval of data. 
  3. Remote diagnosis from anywhere at any time. 
  4. Image tracking 
  5. Billing, etc. 

BeWell Digital’s RIS system allows you to track patient data. We aim at improving the quality of patient care using our seamlessly integrated RIS software. Bewell digital’s RIS is easily accessible from any place, at any time using any device. 

The future of RIS:

RIS is undoubtedly a growing software that will be used by almost all healthcare facilities shortly. However, certain expert observations talk about the shape RIS would take in the future.

  • Workflow Management:

RIS was introduced as standalone software in the past. However, over the past few years, RIS has been integrated into a hospital or Clinical management system. This integration helps in the management of workflow across various departments in a hospital. 


  • Decision Making:

A RIS will effectively be used in clinical decision-making soon. The effective data retrieval and storage of our RIS system allows physicians to go through hundreds of image files. This will help in effective decision-making and accurate diagnosis. 


  • Data and Analytics:

The massive data stored on the system can be used effectively for analysis. This in turn helps in making better-informed decisions to improve business processes. 


  • Digital records:

With the growing need for digitisation, RIS can be an extremely helpful hand. Alongside other health-related data storage options like Electronic Health Records, Electronic Medical records, etc, RIS also plays a very important role in digitising patient information. 


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