The Indian market has about 80k hospitals of various sizes and volumes. The healthcare industry in India largely consists of clinics owned by public and private owners. As important as it is to maintain order in a large hospital, a management system is as essential for a clinic. A clinic management software is designed to help independent clinics manage their patient information efficiently.

BeWell digital’s clinic management software is designed to help physicians, clinics and doctors maintain a well-balanced system to help them in 2 major aspects:

  1. Digitise their patient information 
  2. Provide a 360 degree view for financial management. 
Some of the important functions available on the clinic management software are:
  1. Patient Registration 
  2. Recording patient history 
  3. OP registration 
  4. Pharmacy billing
  5. Stock management 
  6. Financial reporting, etc. 
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  • Patient Registration:

This module is the first step in the system. The registration module allows the administrator to collect and store all patient information on one common dashboard. The patient’s details such as name, age, blood group, contact number, etc are saved on the system. Bewell’s CMS allows saving emergency contact information and referral information on the system as well for future reference. 

This information, once stored, can be accessed anytime in the future. All the patient information is made available on one common dashboard for easy access. 

  • Recording patient history 

Allows clinics to record patient history such as surgical, clinical tests, history of allergies, etc under the patient’s information. Which helps the physicians to understand and develop a personalised treatment plan for the patient. 

The recorded history can be shared with the patient digitally or with another physician directly. This feature reduces going back and forth on collecting patient data on multiple touch points. The recorded data is made accessible to all physicians treating the patient within the medical facility. 

  • OP Appointments & Summary

Managing OP patients can get tedious if not done systematically. With a large number of patients walking in and out all day, maintaining an OP appointments system will help in monitoring patient volumes for better patient experience. 


BeWell Digital’s software allows users to manage OP appointments efficiently. It also offers users to store information such as vitals signs, diagnosis, clinical notes, prescriptions, etc which forms the core of patient treatment. This information is stored on the cloud and can be accessed by the consulting physician at any point in time. The doctor can also share this information with other doctors in case of referral.

  • Pharmacy billing

The integration of the pharmacy module allows doctors to directly intend the drugs to pharmacy. It also allows doctors to check for stocks of particular drugs while prescribing them. 

Bills can also be generated with the click of a button. This reduces the chances of revenue loss or pilferage as well. 

  • Stock management 

Pharmacy stock can be monitored closely using the stock management feature. This helps in reducing loss due to expired stocks by following a first in, first out method. It also helps in auditing for stocks at any point in time to check for pilferages or theft. 

Bewell digital’s pharmacy app allows you to check for expiry drugs by customising the time period as per your needs. This allows in maintaining the drug movement within and outside the medical centre. 

  • Financial reporting

The Clinic Management System allows in-depth analysis of the inflows and outflows of cash within the medical facility. Bewell digital’s analytics dashboard provides reports on creditors and debtors for better understanding of finances. The total finances are split into various categories like department-wise, date-wise, doctor-wise, etc to provide a 360 degree view on the finances.. 

Some of the unique features are GST reporting and doctor-wise revenue split that helps in TDS calculation. All this combined makes the audit process simpler and faster. 

A clinic management software makes it easier and much more efficient to handle the different functions at a clinic. It helps in maintaining long term digital records of patients and better financial control. To request a free trial of our Clinic Management Software, reach out to us on

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