As the need for effective hospital Management increases day by day, it becomes close to impossible for hospitals or clinics to expand to a higher level of business. Performing all record keeping and other activities manually is time consuming and requires a huge labour force which is expensive. Hence, the solution to these modern world problems is a well designed and structured Hospital Management software.
BeWell’s Hospital Management Software is designed to reduce time and efforts of hospital administrators and other staff. Thus, improving productivity.

Given below are a list of modules offered to you as part of the Hospital Management Software:
  • Patient Management: This module allows you to add, delete and retrieve patient information in your hospital database. It makes it highly efficient and easy to retrieve returning patient data. Hence, saves time and human effort. 
  • Pharmacy: This module helps with stock keeping and inventory at the pharmacy. Thereby reducing human errors and reducing time. 
  • Finance Module: This module can be used extensively to monitor your finances that come in and costs that are incurred. It also allows you to track department wise profits and revenue. 
  • Billing: Automating the billing process is beneficial in so many aspects. It reduces manual effort and saves time. It also reduces the risk of any error or fraud during the process and therefore enabling transparency. 
  • Reporting: When the patient details and history are fed into the system during the course of the treatment, generation of reports takes no time. This process might otherwise be extremely time consuming and confusing to the doctor, admin staff and patient. 

How do these modules affect productivity:

Reduced time consumption:
Having a well automated system reduces the time taken to perform most tasks. This in turn allows time to handle more number of patient accounts within the stipulated time period. 

Decreases errors: 

In a HMS system, most processes are automated and computerized. This reduces the chances of any manual error and eliminates duplication, repetition, etc. 

Effective decision Making:

The analytics dashboard provided by BeWell’s HMS allows hospitals and clinics to view department wise data. It helps in making better business and administrative decisions based on the analysis provided. 

Better Integration and coordination:

Different departments of the hospital are integrated into one common software. It allows collaboration between departments to happen seamlessly. There is enough transparency between departments to function effectively. 

Reduced human efforts:

Automation allows different aspects like billing, reporting, etc take place without much human intervention. Thus, reducing the time and effort from the human resources standpoint

Data Storage:

The data in the HMS system is stored on an online cloud based platform. It allows access to the data from anywhere at any time. The data is also properly indexed which allows easy retrieval of data as well when needed. 


Hospital management Softwares are the need of the hour. It is highly important for clinics and hospitals to adapt to the new emerging technology. It helps in staying at par with other competitors and improving in house productivity and efficiency.

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