What are the benefits of using a radiology information system along with a hospital information system?

While a Hospital Management System eases management, reduces time and effort, integrating it with a radiology information system has its added benefits.

Some of the benefits are:

Treat anytime, anywhere:
  • Be able to treat anytime, anywhere, and any device: An efficient RIS system allows you to work from any geographical location at any time and reduces time and effort.
  • Be able to treat sick cases even if it is 3 am: An online RIS system works around the clock and helps you diagnose patients at any time during the day from any place.
  • Be able to consult multiple cases anytime: Since the data is available a few clicks away, it enables you to view and work on numerous cases simultaneously.
  • Have personal time and at the same time be able to work for the patient care: The flexibility to work from anywhere helps you establish a good work-life balance.
Reduce pilferages:
  • Since billing and other modalities are connected, you can be sure that all patients are billed for.
  • Reduces pilferages, eliminates wastage by keeping track of inventory, billing, etc.
  • Take your hospital online and improve revenue by effectively managing large volumes of patient data.
Fewer Errors
  • Less manual work since the system is connected. Different modalities like CT Scan, MRI, and others are connected with billing and it reduces manual intervention in the process, which in turn eliminates the risk of manual errors.
  • The reporting process is made quicker and simpler.
  • Automation of processes and process flows reduces errors to a large extent. 
Better Patient Coordination
  • Schedule and make sure patients are treated on time by using the system for scheduling and managing customer life cycles with your hospital.
  • Reduce turnaround for patients since there’s better coordination between the teams within the hospital.
Better Patient Care and experience
  • Store patient information and use historical information for better care and also comply with government norms on patient data storage and retrieval.
  • Send the information to patients in case they want it for further treatment: The information is stored on the cloud and can be retrieved easily with a few clicks and delivered to the patients at any point in time.


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