Advantages of using BeWell Digital Software at Scan Centers

Diagnostic centers face increasing pressure to provide an incredible patient experience and control their bottom line. With a rapid increase in healthcare problems and patient volumes, it becomes highly essential for scan centres to have an effective management system. In this blog, we will discuss how BeWell Digital’s radiology software helps diagnostic centers navigate these requirements with ease. 

  • Share results on Whatsapp
    – BeWell Digital Software allows scan centers and hospitals to share the study images and reports to referring clinicians and patients on WhatsApp. For clinicians, this allows them to move faster with the treatment process and also be able to look at the data by themselves. For patients, this helps them keep a track of their medical records digitally. The feature also helps patients to obtain second and third opinions based on their needs.
  • Centralized Reporting
    – It becomes difficult to manage the data of hospitals and scan centers when there are multiple centers. With BeWell Digital, all the data from all the centers can be stored and reported from one place.
  • All in one software
    – The software offers not just viewing capabilities but also reporting capabilities. This allows hospitals to move away from word documents which are prone to errors and also increases efficiency.
  • Manage multiple centers
    – Manage the performance of multiple centers (TAT & Images) with one software.  
  • Zero Upfront Investment
    – The software requires no technology investment or upfront payment. This allows the hospitals to get started in no time.
  • Improve efficiency
    – BeWell Digital software offers a superior viewer which has an  80% faster loading experience than any other PACS software.
  • Mobile App
    – The software also comes with a mobile app that allows doctors to access lossless images from anywhere.
  • Cost Savings
    – Medical Center will be able to reduce the cost of printing CT, X-ray, and MRI films to Zero as we provide an option to deliver the report and image as links to the patients and referring physicians.


Scan and Diagnostic centres in the current age are known to be tech-savvy. If you are following a traditional management system to manage your patient information, records, queuing, billing, reporting, etc. It is time to upgrade your scan centre to cloud-based software for better management. This also plays a huge role in customer satisfaction.
BeWell Digital has the right solution hand-picked for you. Reach out to us at to know more or schedule a demo. 

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